Thursday picks

Aaaahh the beginning of football season mixed with NBA playoffs makes the Enigma very happy. Starting with a college game tonight UAB versus Miami, Fla. Miami has a new quarterback who fits right in to the run and gun style that they have been using for years. D’Eriq King brings a flair at qb that Miami was missing.

Look for Miami to easily cover the 15 point spread.

(Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

In the NBA, the Lakers lead the series 2-1. Don’t expect James Harden to lay down for the Lakers.

Take the Beard +5.5

(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

In the headliner of the night we have Patrick Mahomes vs. Deshaun Watson. The reigning Superbowl champs are at home in front of a maddening throng of 17,000 people. Arrowhead is not the same with 25% of the fans there. I truly do not understand the 9.5 point line but that is an enigma for another day. The Texans offense retooled, JJ Watt is back, this may be trouble for Big Red.

Look for the Texans to shoot up Arrowhead (mystery why that name wasn’t changed). Grab the 9.5 and run to the end zone.

As a bonus, take the 3 team teaser and add 7 points to the Texans, the Rockets, and minus from Miami. Money in the bank.

John and Matthew, by your lack of response to the enigma, you either fear or respect my powers. As in the past, I look forward to you trying to guess my identity, using reason must not be working. I have also “gained” access to the groups page and look forward to casting my shadow in there. Put your thinking caps on guys, you will need it.

Yours in darkness,

L.O. Enigma

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