The Idea of Chauncey Billups as head coach

The 5 time all-star point guard and NBA champion, Chauncey Billups recently said he would finally be interested in a head coaching position. Billups who now calls games locally for the LA Clippers was originally rumored to be a package deal with Tyronn Lue, coming to whatever team hires Lue as his head assistant, now says he may be ready to be a head coach.

It’s not a crazy idea either, especially with the recent hire of Steve Nash with no coaching experience, it seems that NBA point guards are in high demand to become coaches eventually. It makes sense if you think about it, point guard is essentially an on-court coach, he needs to command the team and react to the opposing team. He needs to see the floor, understand the scheme, and call plays and sets at times throughout the rhythm of the game.

As far as coaching, there isn’t much to Billups resume, however Adrian Wojnarowski recently wrote calling Billups “something of a finishing school” for guards.

Billups himself served as something of a finishing school for several top NBA guards in recent years, including two in the Eastern Conference semifinals — Toronto’s Kyle Lowry and Boston’s Marcus Smart – – who each credit time spent with Billups as invaluable in their career growth and evolution.

From “Former guard Chauncey Billups a candidate for coaching vacancy with Indiana Pacers, sources say” by Adrian Wojnarowski

So what does this all mean for the 76ers vacancy? By all accounts, Billups isn’t a candidate for the 76ers job, and my opinion he shouldn’t be. I don’t believe the 76ers are in a position with young stars, who need to win sooner than later, to take a chance on an unproven coach. Steve Nash in Brooklyn is a different story, coaching already champions Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. And Billups has recently emerged as a candidate for the head coaching job with the Indiana Pacers per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Basically, this is non-news for 76ers fans.

So, if it looks like he will be in Indy, and in my opinion not the right head coaching candidate for the 76ers, why write about him? Well simply, he may not get the Pacer’s job. And if he doesn’t get offered another job, Woj has reported that he and Tyronn Lue have had had talks about Billups being his top assistant.

Now, I want to make this clear, I will never root for anyone to not get the best job they possibly could, assuming they are qualified and not a terrible person. And seeing how teams value guards with no experience, i.e. Steve Nash, there is no reason I could see Billups not being qualified enough for the Pacers job. Especially considering the belief he has the “innate ability to lead men in the NBA”. But, if he were to not get the job and come over as Lue’s top assistant, from a basketball perspective I wouldn’t complain.

Billups has the qualities that teams should look for to lead. He was one of the best guards in the league during his time and has shown the ability to guide young guards into becoming great as we have seen with Lowry and Smart. Does that mean his playbook will translate to the NBA or that he is capable of game-planning for a seven-game series we don’t know yet? Is it worth taking a shot on a guy like Chauncey? For the right team I believe so, but not for the 76ers. However, if for some reason Chauncey does not get a head coaching job, I would be thrilled to have him on the bench alongside a guy like Lue for the foreseeable future.

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