Pay Peters Paper πŸ’΅

(Just not all of it)

John Brady

I’ll go over a few of the many reason why it’s right (within reason) to tear up the “Bodyguard’s contract” and explore what options we know & maybe the unknown. The clock is literally ticking for the start of the NFL season. With rookie Jalen Reagor already sidelined for at least 4 weeks and Zach Ertz quietly pursuing a new deal? This needs to get done quick, one way or another.

Why pay him more ? A contract is a contract right?

If the NFL actually lived by the word of contracts, then yes I would agree. But in this world of “He out performed his contract” when they reward players early (usually young ones) or the older attitude of “F-U Pay me” (see Goodfellas) just add any of the other clichΓ© catch phrases, it’s why we are here.

Supply and Demand

Jason Peters is the supply, the Eagles have the demand. We are less then 2 weeks from kicking off the season and Peters is in the driver’s seat. Real simple, and by contract standards he was being paid as a guard or back up tackle, he is now the possible starter in the most important OLine spot. He has the Eagles “over a barrel”, which normally isn’t the case in the NFL.

OK, Don’t pay him go get a Free agent?

Great idea and the name that is most popular currently is Reilly Reif (⬆️) who may be released by the Minnesota Vikings. Nice OT signed a nice deal, and is only 31 for a long term idea. Breaking News… He is being released because his contract is being torn up early due to the Ngakoue deal. (do you see the hypocrisy that NFL owners live by on a daily basis yet?) This could also make the birds cut Peters just in spite if he refuses the deal or act petulant if put back to Guard at his current pay rate. (it could happen)

Umm, fine then start Jordan Mailata or Matt Pryor?

Again, if either was ready to play then it wouldn’t be a discussion. Sadly, Mailata is a gimmick for the NFL. (Ex Rugby guy) Super athletic “O Line size” but isn’t mean enough, has bad feet, can’t get inside out like a Guard and isn’t fast enough to be an in line TE. In his current situation, I believe Jordan Mailata will only be used in emergency OL situations or as an extra FB in “Jimbo package” or “goaline” situations.

Matt Pryor just isn’t ready, and to be honest he may need to jump in for Peters at times as a safety gap only. Pryor is HUGE at 6’7″ & 320 lbs out of TCU looks the part just isn’t ready to play the pro part just yet. Add to that the reports out of camp this week have been less than stellar for Pryor. He has been getting beat like Dave Grohl’s drum set.

(Teary eyed) what about the rookies?

Jack Driscoll is probably the best suited for this call. While he and Prince Tego Wanogho are simular in size etc… Driscoll has been thrown into the deep end at U Mass and came back for more as a grad student at Auburn. The new “Fresh Prince” of Pattison Ave is still a work in progress who has a great upside and will contribute down the line.

End Scene

While I do not know what Howie or the Eagles will do with this OT situation. I do know that Carson is one more injury away from being ran out of this town and labeled as “Injury prone” and then the “why did we let Foles go?” or “Hurts was the long term plan” jeers. The Eagles have one play here IMO and to continue on with the “Bodyguard” analogies (Peter’s nickname) I could see the dialogie in movie terms something like this Peters :(sitting with Howie) “this house is wide open” (Carson is at risk) Howie : “Excuse me? What do you mean?” Peters: “I said this house is wide open, and you don’t know how to protect it or what it takes to achieve it. I do” (Carson needs me) Howie: “OK, let’s keep this between us? Here is your check Mr Farmer. (Mr Peters)

I hopes it ends with a reasonable deal that doesn’t hurt the birds because Zach Ertz is in the hallway waiting to talk turkey about his expiring deal.

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