Elton Brand Opens up on Firing Brett Brown

Philadelphia: It has been 48 hours since the Philadelphia 7ers were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs as they were swept out of the first round by the Boston Celtics and questions immediately started about the status of Coach Brett Brown

The Sixers on Monday Fired Coach Brett Brown after 7 years

On Tuesday, Sixers GM Elton Brand would open up about decision to remove Brett Brown as head coach

Opening Statement:
We had high expectations and goals and simply put, we failed. We failed, and it’s not acceptable. Myself accountable to get this whole myself accountable to get this right now read this organization and I will have taken a hard look at our shortcomings and recognizes that changes in the offseason are necessary to get this team back on track as uncomfortable as it may be, it’s truly necessary but now you’re all aware that we’ve parted ways with Brett brown it’s not an easy decision. Brett was a great friend. He is a great friend. Hello. He’s be family. He’s got it. This team through a lot of adversity and challenges and he’s helped develop some of the games youngest and brightest talented players. He’ll be missed. For sure. I respect him deeply. On a personal level, and a professional level, and I wish him well and thank him for everything he’s done for me and his organization. Will begin to search for a new head coach immediately a loss to be conducting an evaluation of the front office and that infrastructure and ways to strengthen that I’ll do the same thing with the roster again change can and will be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary. We owe it I over to these fans. I went to this city to deliver on our goals. I still believe in our dynamic young core we’ve assembled and I’ll spend the coming months, figuring out the best compliment them how to best compliment them and then get over this hump. It’s time to get better and that time starts now.”

On Decision to remove Brett Brown:

Will he move Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid

Did “The Process” Work

Thoughts on what Josh Richardson said after Game 4

How long will the search go for a new coach

How much input will Ben Simmons & Joel Embiid have on the roster decisions
Brand “I’m going to talk to Joel and Ben about just the game and how they see it and what’s going to help them and how to complement each other and what will complement them and I’m not going to put the pressure of,  You wanted this new coach or you wanted that player on them, but just the overall philosophy basketball, where they feel where we where they feel we were strong and ways to get better just have some clear candid conversations with them absolutely as as I feel I should”

Will the Sixers starters from this season be back for 2020-21

Brand “I’m assessing the entire roster, there’s when you fail it like we felt losing in the first round, getting swept now bit without Ben Simmons, there’s going to be tough decisions that have to be made. There, there’s going to be a lot of just figure those out.”

Stay tuned as we see who will take over as head coach of the Sixers

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