My Favorite Hoagie Spots

It’s another continuation of my series about some of my favorite eats in and around Philadelphia. Today we take on the hoagie. Out of towners may call them subs or grinders but we all know the real name is a hoagie they might be better here than anywhere else. I have shared my favorite cheesesteak spots and my favorite burger spots, so it’s now time to give my favorite hoagie spots, I must preface by saying that I live in Port Richmond and I have a corner deli at Thompson St and Clearfield St that gives me a jam packed hoagie with Dietz And Watson meats for just 5.75 and Le Bus Bakery at 129 S 18th St which gives you huge sandwiches, for under 8 bucks. The aren’t on the list, but if you’re in the neighborhood you might just run into me there grabbing a hoagie or two. 

Buildings that look like this have slightly stale chips and killer sandwiches. 

#5–Marinucci’s Deli--3122 Richmond St–Humongous hoagies, but what I like the most is that the meat and rolls are always very fresh

A red, white and green building. I can almost taste the Italian hoagie…

#4–Lennie’s Hoagies–6141 Ridge Ave in Roxborough—Another great spot that gives a great bang for your buck. What stands out to me is that time and time again the meat could be the freshest deli meat I’ve ever had. 

Major Wing Full Size Hoagie
Honestly I don’t think I’ve eaten a hoagie with pepperoncini in a decade. 

#3–Major Wing Lee Grocery Market--4207 Ridge Avenue–Only hard core foodies and people who live in the Roxborough/East Falls area know about this place, you can get an overstuffed “small hoagie” for as low as $3.25, they are the same quality and have the same amount of meat as most $9 or $10.00 hoagies. A fantastic combination of value and taste. 

I’ve parked illegally numerous times to quickly grab a hoagie here. 

#2–Dan’s Fresh Meats–2000 Frankford Avenue–Stepping into this place will automatically transform you back to the 1980s. Really good “old school” deli with packed hoagies at low prices and $1.00 large coffees. The meat for every sandwhich is hand sliced!

unnamed (1)
Masters of the hoagie tray, and the seeded roll. 

#1–Mipals Deli--2300 S 16th St–Really good cheesesteaks and hoagies. What I love the most is that their hoagies are on a delicious seeded roll and they pack their Italian hoagies. 

This list is 5 of my favorite hoagies. My goal with these articles is to introduce people to new places to find delicious cheesesteaks, hoagies, burgers, etc, so let’s teach each other and write your favorite hoagie place in the comments section. 

Kevin Wilson is an independent restaurant reviewer and is not directly associated with any restaurant or the industry, just a man with a passion for food. You can find his book “Table For One” at Barnes and Noble and anywhere online, and check out his website for regular updates. Kevin hosts two podcasts on the Last Out Media Network, “Dining on a Dime” and “Learn About World Cusinie”

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