Last Team Out

As the College sports and campus worlds try to navigate the new Corona world (much different than a Corona world that co-eds think about) teams and conferences are deciding the best course of action to keep their student athletes safe. As early as July 8th some conferences were making decisions. The Ivy League announces they are postponing their their fall sports programs. The next day the 9th,the Big 10, SEC and ACC announced they were going to play a conference only schedule.

July 13th the Patriot league postpones their fall sports programs.

July 23rd – Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez announces that if the University or the conference cancels the league play, then the University would lose over 100 million dollars.

July 29th – Virginia Tech star Caleb Farley announces he is sitting out the 20-21 season. The first athlete to do so.

August 5th – The University of Connecticut announces it is postponing its football season.

August 8th – The Mid-American Conference announces they are postponing their football season.

August 9th – Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and many other student athletes took to social media to say they want to play. An open letter was written to the heads of the Universities to request safety protocols, guaranteed eligibility for student athletes who decide to opt out this year, and the creation of the College Football Players Association. The movements #weareunited and #wewanttoplay are formed to gain solidarity for the players.

August 10th – Old Dominion and the Mountain West Conference announce they are postponing their fall sports seasons.

August 11th – The Big 10 and PAC 12 Conferences announce the postponement of fall sports until Spring.

So where does this leave today’s student athletes. If conferences are able to play in the Spring then hopefully the NFL draft would be pushed back so that the scouts can see all of the players. If the games are not played, it could leave many talented athletes sink in the draft. This only takes into account fall sports, mainly football, but what of winter sports, especially basketball. Will players be allowed to take a redshirt year or opt out so they can still prove themselves to the scouts?

The world of college athletics is in a combined flux and wait and see status. Some schools and conferences are in a wait and see status, postponing their games, others in a flux, trying to play. As the dominoes continue to fall, more and more conferences and teams will change to wait and see. Notre Dame joined the ACC for a year for football. There is a good chance that the ACC may be the next conference to postpone their season, if so, that will more than likely end college football for the 2020 year. Who would think that weird. 2020 has been so great at springing new things on us, would the loss of the College Football season surprise anyone.

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