Sports Movies… Which are the Best?

There was a topic of conversation started on twitter a while back about sports movies. It got me thinking about which genre of sports movies has the best overall collection of movies. So I ran a pole on twitter and the results are above.

It was interesting to read everyones opinions on which sports had the better movies. What movies are often overlooked. And what movies are overrated.

The first thing I learned from all the conversing with people was that I messed the pole up right from the get go. Hockey should have been eliminated and boxing should have been added. This would have potentially changed the overall results of the pole. With the Rocky movie franchise alone, the boxing genre has lead the way in grossing more money than any other sports movies. Hockey on the other hand has The Mighty Ducks franchise and The 2 Slap Shot Movies.

Football has so many great movies like Friday Night Lights, Remember the Titans, The Waterboy (yes its a good funny movie), and my personal favorite The Replacements. There are also so many bad football movies and that is where it falls off the list for me. Any Given Sunday alone knocks football down on the list to me.

The Replacements GIFs | Tenor

Basketball has a few gems. Hoosiers, He Got Game, and Space Jams. But after that the rest of them are kids movies and just plain terrible flicks…. I mean is anyone jumping to watch Finding Forrestor again?

Baseball, the winning genre in the pole, is my personal favorite genre. There are too many great gems to mention them all. Eight Men Out, 42, The Rookie, For the Love of the Game, Bull Durham, Major League…. the list could go on and on. There are a lot less bad movies than the other sports (Major League 3 Back to the Minors “The Buzz” is all I have to say). My All About the Birds co-host and fellow Last Out writer Johnny Ulecka feels Little Big League is a great and underrated movie. That says enough about him.

Going to throw some quotes out there from some of those that responded to the thread on twitter now…. I love to interact and these are some of the best from the thread.

What are your thoughts? Let me know your favorites… and your least favorites. And do not give me the Fast and the Furious as a sports franchise… I have seen that floating around out there that it could be considered sports related…. you will be blocked!!!

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