Jason Peters, An Eagle Once More

The Philadelphia Eagles and Jason Peters have agreed to a one-year deal. After spending 11 seasons with the Eagles and then 4 months in free agency, Jason Peters will return to the Eagles offensive line.

Since Brandon Brooks has been ruled out for the majority of the upcoming season with an Achilles tear, it has been presumed by much of the fan base and analysts that Peters would make a quick return. They were right. After playing his entire NFL career at left tackle, he will be moved to right guard on a contract with upwards to 6 million and a guaranteed 3 million.

Brian Baldinger, former Eagles player and current analyst, has had Philadelphia social media in a bit of an uproar this week after stating that he has heard of, “big news coming this week” from the Eagles. Now the question is, is this the big news, or is there more to come? Jamal Adams, Jadeveon Clowney, Yannick Ngakoue, and Raheem Mostert are among the names that have been thrown around to improve the 2020 Philadelphia Eagles roster.

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