Today basketball returns to our tv sets

With the onset of Covid-19, the last basketball game we have been able to watch was March 11. Today, July 4th, 2020 that streaks end, today we have basketball to watch on TV. The Basketball Tournament, which features 24 teams from all around the contract, will go into a march madness style winner take all bracket for 1 million dollar prize. And it will be televised on ESPN.

If you have never watched the Basketball Tournament, here is what you should expect (rules per

  • each game will have four (4) nine (9) minute quarters with the last portion of the game being un-timed.
  • half time is 10 minutes
  • 6 personal fouls per player
  • after 5 team fouls, all non-shooting fouls will be awarded 2 free throws
  • (direct verbiage from At the first stoppage at or under 4:00 of the 4th quarter, the game clock stops and timed play ends. At this juncture, a target score shall be set, equal to the leading team’s score plus eight (8). After returning from the media timeout, play shall resume without a game clock but with the shot clock, until one team matches or exceeds the target score. During the untimed portion (the Elam Ending), any foul on the floor (i.e. any non-offensive, non-shooting foul) while in the bonus shall result in one free throw and the fouled team’s continued possession of the ball.
    • Example: Team A leads Team B 70-63 at the first stoppage under 4:00. The game clock is turned off while the shot clock remains on. The target score is set to 78. The first team that reaches 78 wins the game.
  • goaltending is the same, except that once the ball hits the rim it’s fair game, any player can play it

That’s right, you read that correctly every game ends with a made basket.

The Bracket

Teams from all over the US will go to Columbus, Ohio and play for the title of champion, and for 1 million dollars. The teams are filled with talent, ex D1 players, players from overseas, and even players who have played in the NBA, including 76ers legend Tony Wroten.

For local fans, those who may have never watched The Tournament, who want to have a rooting interest, luckily a couple of kids from Sicklerville, NJ have a team in it. Euro League star Kyle Hines, and his brother Tyler (who also played professional basketball in Europe) will once again put Team Hines in the mix. Last year, Team Hines made the final four.

Team Hines

This year I am going to follow and cover Team Hines (from home) for Last Out Media. The Tournament starts at 3 pm today, but Team Hines doesn’t play till tomorrow at 4 pm. All games on ESPN.

Team Hines roster:

  • GM Muhammad Smnith
  • Brandon Paul #24
    • 6’4″ shooting guard from Illinois
  • Gilbert Brown #5
    • 6’5″ shooting guard from Pittsburgh
  • Alec Peters #33
    • 6’8″ power forward from Valparaiso
  • Jeremiah Gray #20
    • 6’4″ shooting guard from Dominican (CA)
  • Jerelle Benimon #42
    • 6’9″ power forward from Geogetown/Townson U
  • Eric Griffin #21
    • 6’9″ Small Forward from Campell
  • Ethan Happ #22
    • 6’10” power forward from Wisconsin
  • Isaiah Miles #6
    • 6’7″ power forward from Saint Joseph’s University
  • Mickenzie Moore #44
    • 6’7″ small forward from UTEP
  • Marcus Thorton #23
    • 6’3″ point guard from College of William & Mary
  • Coaches
    • Tyler Hines
    • Mike Martin
  • Boosters
    • Kyle Hines
    • Nick Calathes

Tune in tomorrow Sunday, July 5th at 4 pm as Team Hines starts their quest for a Championship, and until then keep ESPN on starting at 3 pm because we have 4 professional basketball games today and tomorrow for the first round of The Basketball Tournament.

rules roster and schedule info from

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