Let’s talk about shake, baby

Before the season was put on hold, it looked like we were at a coming-out party, a Shake Milton coming out party. During this coming out party Shake broke an NBA record for consecutive threes in a row at 14 and dropped career-high 39 points against the LA Clippers on national TV. The 6-5 four year guard out of SMU, was given a golden opportunity when Ben Simmons missed time with a back injury, and the second-year player did not disappoint.

This season Milton has played in a total of 32 games, averaged 9.5 points per game while shooting 45% from 3 in 19 minutes per game. However, for the purpose of going forward, I want to look further into the last 20 or so games in which shake saw a significant increase in time. If we start at January 22 until their last game on March 11 there was only one game where Milton didn’t play a significant amount of minutes, February 11 vs the Clippers he only played 42 seconds. For the purpose of this exercise, I am going to omit that game because I don’t feel a player should be looked at in that little game time.

So since January 22 and omitting the Clippers game here is a look at some numbers (stats from basketballreference.com)

  • Played in 19 of 20 games (20th being the Clippers game)
  • averaged 26 minutes per game
  • 55% from the field on 9.2 shots per game
  • 50% from 3 on 4.4 attempts per game
  • 76% from the foul line on 2 attempts per game
  • 3.3 assist per game
  • 1.3 turnovers per game
  • 13 points per game
    • career-high of 39
  • +/- of +12

19 games is still a small sample size, however, it can show us what Shake is capable of when given the opportunity to play.

Some more numbers (according to realgm.com):

  • versus opponents with a top 10 record for the season
    • 11 games
    • 20 minutes per game
    • 49% from the field on 7 shots
    • 47% from 3 on 4 attempts per game
    • 2.4 assist per game
    • 1.5 turnovers per game
    • 14.7 points per game
  • versus a top 10 defense
    • 12 games
    • 19 minutes per game
    • 49% from the field on 6.8 shots per game
    • 47% from 3 on 3.7 attempts per game
    • 2.1 assist per game
    • 1.2 turnovers
    • 9.9 points per game

As you can see the second-year guard can perform against the best teams in the league, which we saw against the Clippers when he scored a career-high 39 and 7 3 pointers made.

How does Milton look compared to an average shooting guard? For his career, he is slightly below average in minutes, points, and assists, but is above average in True Shooting %, 3 point %, and field goal %, as you can see from the charts below (from realgm.com).

Shake Career Averages vs an average SG
True Shooting %
3 point %
FG %

However, this is based off Shake’s career numbers, if we look at his numbers during the 19 game stretch before the shut down, how do they compare?

Shake – 26 min 55% fg 50% 3s 3.3 asst 13 ppg

Avg SG – 25.6 mpg 43% fg 25% 3s 2.6 asst 11.4 ppg

Clearly, the last 19 games Milton came into his own and played at an above-average level. If you want my honest opinion, he balled out. But there are still questions to be answered. Much of that time was without Ben in the lineup, can he and Ben play together? Can he keep his play up come playoffs, when the game slows down and the defense gets tougher? Can he continue to shoot at an elite level from three? Is he the fifth starter? I think we are gonna find out in Orlando, and Sixer fans should be excited, Shake can be the secret weapon.

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