Phillies Over Under

It looks like baseball is preparing to come back. It’s going to be a much shorter season, and no fans but for the time being we will hopefully get 60 games this year!

Vegas odds makers have set the Phils over under at 31.5 wins. What do you think? Here is what our team thinks.

Matt Marettea: Over. Anything less is a disappointment and we could’ve kept Gabe around just to go .500, at least then we would have his hilarious soundbites.

Phil: Over. Also Bryce wins MVP or Nola wins Cy Young

Rob W: Over

Tori: Under. Bc devastating injuries are a Philly must these days and I see the glass half empty. F- IT

Johnny U wouldn’t stop asking if he could do a Mariners prediction :

Rob Manoff: Over. Because betting the under isn’t as much fun. Plus I hope with the coaching change we see an approach change. Rhys gets back to hitting, and the addition of Wheeler should give them some wins.

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