Vince carter announces retirement

Vince Carter once dunked over a 7 footer, in a game. Literally jumped over him and dunked the ball. Outside of Jordan dunking from the foul line, it is arguably one of the greatest dunks in basketball history. Vince has been a staple of the NBA going back to 1998 when he was drafted 5th overall. Vince was a draft pick when I was starting high school, and I would have never thought that as a grown adult, I would be writing an article about Vince announcing his retirement. But here we are, today 22 years later and Carter is finally calling it quits.

The 43-year-old confirmed his retirement on The Ringer’s “Winging it with Vince Carter” today. With the Hawks not going to Orlando for the bubble, Vince’s final season is done, and he will no longer be playing basketball professionally.

8 all-star games, a slam dunk championship, and 19th all-time in scoring, Carter is finally hanging his shoes from power lines, and the NBA will be without Carter for the first time in over 2 decades. While Vince did not have the impact on the game that some other greats may have, his longevity is something to be amazed at, there are kids who are legally allowed to drink alcohol, that has never experienced the NBA without Vince Carter. That’s impressive.

Vince Carter may go down as one of the greatest dunkers of all time, and the NBA and basketball will miss him. Happy Retirement Vince.

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