Who am I

Well I am Phil Stiefel, aka BeardaKnowledge, a journalism dropout and pizza shop owner. I spend more time writing, tweeting, podcasting on all things Philly sports than I do on my pizza shop (just kidding…. sorta). You will see me write about the Phillies, Sixers, Eagles, and other odds and ends like golf, poker, and anything else that peaks my interest. I am happily married for 14 years and have a great 15 year old black lab named Decker (bonus points if you know where the name decker came from.)

Who is your favorite all time Philly Coach?

It has to be Charlie Manuel. Charlie brought me my 1st title in my lifetime to my favorite team, the Phillies. He was a real baseball mind… that loved talking hitting with anyone anytime. Funny thing is, I did not want him as our manager. I wanted the front office to hire Jimmy Leyland instead.

Favorite Philly Role Player

Going to go back to 1993 here. The Phillies had a magical run that season. Multiple players had career years or breakout seasons. But there were several role players on that team though that without may have kept them from going as far as they did. So shout outs to Dave Hollins, Mickey Morandini, Mariano Duncan, Jim Eisenreich, and Milt Thompson.

Would you rather Philly get the X-Games or a non NFL Football Team to return?

Honestly I would say I do not care…. and do not need either. The X-Games were never my thing. They are entertaining but honestly never really appealed to me. And while I love football, we all get excited for other leagues and every time they fail. So why even get excited for another team when the league will collapse in no time anyway.

What is the worst loss you have seen?

All I have to say is “Joe Carter”. Any Philly fan knows what that means. We sat around the TV and cussed and cried… we could not believe that magical run was over… it just was real tough to get over as a 12 year old boy.

Who is your First Philly Athlete you loved/hated?

Well first love is Mike Schmidt. I wore number 20 in little league, wanted to be a third baseman, and even had a batting stance to match his at first. The best 3rd baseman in MLB history hands down. On the other side of the equation to me is Lenny Dykstra. When I was a freshman in high school he burned me for an autograph and did it in such a rude way that I never got over it.

Who is your dream Philly interview?

I want to show I love all the Philly sports teams… so instead of choosing Charlie Manuel, I will go with Donavon McNabb. Say what you will about his post NFL career personality or choices wise, but he is at the moment the best Eagles QB of all time, and a borderline Hall of Famer. I have always felt he got the short end of the stick here in Philly and would love to pick his brain on a variety of topics.

Final thoughts. Listen to my podcast with fellow writer Johnny Ulecka and our friend Jeff Warner All About the Birds available on all platforms, we have had some huge guests in our brief 17 episode history: Craig James, Ron Jaworski, Ross Tucker, Jeremy Bridges and more! Follow me on twitter to talk anything non political beardaknowledge. And stop in my pizza shop Fox’s Pizza Den in Kennett Square and talk sports and get great pizza!

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