Allow me to reintroduce myself… My name is Tori.


Like Nicki Minaj said, “I’m fighting for the girls, who never thought they could win.” Ya girl, Victoria “Tori” Sobolewski here! I’m from South Jersey and have been a Philly 4 for 4 fan since conception. I love writing and I love sports, so naturally I am pursing sports journalism. For Last Out Media, I will be covering football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. I am also currently a free agent (laid off by COVID-19) mental health therapist working towards licensure. My interests outside of sports include; psychology, poetry, dark/dry/self-deprecating humor, reading, music, true crime, photography, the beach, and dogs. You can follow me on Twitter @ Tori_Philly4, Instagram @ Torifromtheblock, and on Facebook @ Victoria Taylor.

Who is your favorite all time Philly coach? 

I’m going to have to go with Charlie Manuel here. He was the perfect mixture of tough and respected but also loved and endearing. The Phillies 2008 Championship was the first in my lifetime and brought about so many memories that are imprinted on me. Charlie is one of the images that pops into my head when I reminisce on that time.

Who is your favorite Philadelphia role player? 

Jayson Werth. Enough said. You’ll hear enough about him from me. This won’t be the first or the last time you hear me say his name.

What would you rather come back to Philly, the X-Games or non-NFL Football?

I’m not much of a fan of the X-Games, but I am a fan of football. So non-NFL football, although I’d definitely give covering the X-Games a shot and I think it would be a cool experience.

What’s the worst loss you’ve ever seen?

Well, I’m a Philly fan, so every loss I’ve seen is the worst I’ve ever seen. If I had to choose though, in recent memory, it would be the Sixers game 7 loss to the Raptors with the Kawhi quadruple doink, the Alshon Jeffrey drop against the Saints in the 2018 play offs, and the Ryan Howard Achillies tear in game 5 against the Cardinals(which I was at).

Who was the first Philly athlete you loved? The first one who you hated?

The first I remember loving was Darren Daulton (because my mom loved him). The first I remember hating was Jonathan Papelbon.

Who is your least favorite opposing player? 

This is a tough one, in that there is just so many. Hockey is Sidney Crosby. Baseball is anyone on the Mets. Basketball is anyone on the Celtics. Football is Ezekiel Elliot

Who is your dream Philadelphia sports interview?

Joel Embiid. I can’t figure him out but I’d love to try. I admire him as a player and I love his personality. I feel like our personalities would mesh well, and that he would give me some great content to work with.

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