A little Something about me:

Matt Maratea: Tell everyone a little about yourself-

Me: What’s up everyone? This is John Crichton. I’m the owner of Last Out Media. Although our name is new, myself and my team are not. We’ve been working our way through the podcast business for about 5 years now. Through the many changes , the goal has always remained the same, run my own network so I could provide professional services to the content creators. That dream became a reality recently and now we’re open for business and it’s full steam ahead. The shows that are on my network, and the amazing staff of writers are what keeps me going and gives me the fuel to be the best. I could NEVER do it without my team. Thank you for your continued support. Stick with us, we have some cool shit planned

MM: Who is your favorite all time Philly coach?
ME: Charlie Manuel. Even though Doug coached the team that gave us the one thing we never thought we’d see in our lifetime, that 2007-2011 Phillies run was something next level. A little of Charlie showed in every single one of those players. That will always be my favorite era of Phillies baseball.

MM: Who is your favorite Philadelphia role player?
ME: This is a close one but I’d have to say Aaron McKie. He was so important to that Sixers team, on and off the court. The way he handled himself was pure business, and being there as Allen’s guy was just as important as anything he did on the court. True professional.

MM: What would you rather come back to Philly, the X-Games or non NFL Football?
ME: X-Games back in the day was the shit. Those old half-pipe competitions were so fun to watch. Still remember watching the madness of Tony Hawk’s 900 attempts. Such a great moment.

MM: What’s the worst loss you’ve ever seen?
ME: For the longest time it was 2002/03 Eagles because I knew they woulda beat Oakland, but the Sixers game 7 loss to the Raptors took the top spot. I don’t think I ever stared at a TV in sadness and disbelief longer then I did when that shot went in. I think that was the Sixers best shot at a title with GS being decimated.

MM: Who was the first Philly athlete you loved? The first one who you hated?
ME: My first athlete I loved is a tie. Dawk and AI. Iverson is overall my favorite athlete period of all time but they both are truly my all time all times. The one I hated the most was the Sixer version of Chris Webber. I loved C-Webb from all the way back at Michigan but his time with the Sixers he was just a washed up dog of himself.

MM: Who is your least favorite opposing player?
ME: NBA: Dwight Howard. NFL: Zeke Elliott. NHL: The answer is and always will be Sidney Crosby. MLB: Anyone wearing a Mets jersey.

MM: Who is your dream Philadelphia sports interview?
ME: I’ve been very blessed to have had some great interviews. My favorite might be my interview with Merrill Reese. He was amazing, and that voice is the soundtrack to growing up an Eagles fan. If I had to pick a dream interview, it would probably be a straight up sit down with Allen Iverson. I’ve grown to know him off the court and he’s been nothing but a pleasure, but I’d love to just sit and chop it up with him about the game. Other then AI, I think I’d go Larry Bowa. He’s so open to saying whatever and so passionate that I’m sure I could get some good stuff outta him.

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