A Quick About Me

Yo, what is up, my name is Rob Manoff, I’ll be covering the 76ers and Blue Coats for Last Out. I’m a father of 2 little kids which is cool, and currently in school to continue working on airplanes. I did 10 years military working on F-16s. 2 tours, 1 in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan. Writing became a hobby for me after the military, and helped me work through some PTSD issues including drug and alcohol abuse. . I used it as a therapy device, and when I finally put my work out to the public, John reached out to me and asked me to hop on board, and I’ve loved it ever since. I also like to cook and grill a little especially stuff involving different kinds of buffalo sauce. I am blessed to have an amazing family, 2 kids and a wife, that support me through my Philly Sports obsession and writing. I have grown an interest in marijuna over the past 2 years, ever since I was prescribed ti to help with PTSD. I have an obsession with the 76ers and basketball. But also love my Eagles Phillies and Flyers.

Who is your favorite all time Philly coach?

Super Bowl winning coach Dougie P

Who is your favorite Philadelphia role player?

Tj mcconnel (my daughter is named after him, long story)

What would you rather come back to Philly, the X-Games or non NFL Football?


What’s the worst loss you’ve ever seen?

Idk about worse but my two hardest losses were Eagles Bucks NFC championship and Game 7 Sixers vs Raptors.

Who was the first Philly athlete you loved? The first one who you hated?

Loved Darren daulton. Hated lenny dykstra

Who is your least favorite opposing player?

Zeke elliot

Who is your dream Philadelphia sports interview? 

Ben Simmons

Feel free to follow me on twitter @manoffrm . And hit me up, I’ll talk about anything whether it is just bs’n about sports or the Sixers, of a little more serious like mental health or addiction. I am an open book, and I’ve been through some shit, and I am always willing to help.

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